Support independent filmmaking by buying straight from the source. Here are some goodies to get you started. Rick has been known to autograph DVDs and posters every now and then, so if you ask nicely we might be able to get him to do it. And if you’d like more goodies like advance access to Rick’s new work: Become a Patron!


World sales: Rise and Shine World Sales
Educational-Institutional (worldwide): Films Media Group
Educational-Institutional (Germany): eduflat
Home Video: DVD or VOD and on various online platforms such as Amazon Prime.


Theatrical and non-theatrical (Germany): W-Film
Theatrical on Demand: Kinema
Educational-Institutional (worldwide): Films Media Group
Educational-Institutional (Germany): eduflat
Home video: DVD or VOD and on various online platforms such as Tubi, Amazon Prime, GuideDoc, The Roku Channel, Popsy on Plex, Stash TV, Filmocracy, Hoopla.


Educational-institutional distribution (US): First Run Features
Home Video: DVD or VOD. Also available in the US on Amazon, iTunes, etc.


Home Video: VOD and on Amazon


Oh Boy, that was a long time ago, but if you’d still like to see some of the stuff I did early on in my filmmaking career and various odds and ends I make every now and then, check out my YouTube and Vimeo channels.

You can also stream or download my 24 min. film “The Book of Lenins”, which was digitally remastered from the original 16mm negative in 2016, or watch it on various online platforms such as Amazon Prime.

University buyers and librarians can get the German version through our partner eduflat.


We still have a few women’s T-shirts from “Homemade Hillbilly Jam”. They are 100% cotton and run slightly small, so please order one size larger than normal. The following are still available:
Blue: M, XL
Yellow: M

The T-Shirts sell for €20 + shipping. For an exact price, please send an email with your size and shipping address to


Get your official Our Man in Berlin coffee mug in b/w, orange, or blue with our new logo designed by the ever amazing Markus Wende.

The mugs are available in various sizes and styles. We even have enamel cups, glasses, thermos cups and beer steins!

Bulk discounts apply beginning with the second cup. You can even mix and match. Worldwide shipping is available. The price is shown at check out. Place your order here.

Equipment Rentals

Rick is a member of the Beazy network of photographers and filmmakers, and offers his services and camera gear through his Beazy page. All camera rentals are 100% insured with a zero deductible. Rick enjoys renting out his gear when he’s not using it, so let him know if you need anything. It’s a great way to meet up and pool our resources.