A group of friends deliver personalized aid to the people of Ukraine.

We Are Here

Rick travels to Odessa with three members of the Berlin Odessa Express to deliver much-needed medical supplies to their Ukrainian charity partners, local hospitals, pharmacies. The Berlin-based humanitarian aid organisation Berlin Odessa Express was one of the first organisations to deliver aid to Ukraine during the first weeks after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. They provide aid packages hand-tailored to the exact needs of their local partners with great efficiency and tender loving care.
Learn more about the Berlin Odessa Express and how you can support their efforts.

This is Rick’s second collaboration with Israeli filmmaker Guy Dimenstein and the Meet the Good Ones team. Every two weeks, Guy and his team publish a new short video about people who are doing good in the world. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and get inspired by these heartwarming tales of people who are dedicating their lives to solving the world’s problems.