March 2024

We are saddened by the news of Martin Greenfield's death today at age 95. He was a kind and generous man whose infectious smile brought warmth and happiness to everyone around him. It was a great honor and pleasure to follow Martin and his family with our camera over the past seven years. We hope our film The Presidents' Tailor pays tribute to this remarkable human. If you would like to organise a screening of the film, please contact us here. For more details about Mr. Greenfield's remarkable life, please read Alex Traub's touching obituary in the New York Times.

Rick is the featured guest in episode two of the podcast Heart of Change, hosted by Holly Jewell. Watch or listen in on: YouTube, Spotify, Apple. In the podcast, Rick recalls his experiences making his award-winning film Forgetting Dad, and the repercussions the film continues to have on his life sixteen years after its release.