Documentary, 4K, stereo, color, ca. 80'

Mr. Greenfield (work-in-progress)

Maximilian Grünfeld spoke Yiddish, lived in Czechoslovakia, lost his family to Nazi concentration camps, and had no business experience. Martin Greenfield lives in Brooklyn, speaks English, hand-tailors suits for U.S. presidents, and runs a bespoke clothing empire with high society clients and friends.

This is one and the same man, who is now a 91-year-old fashion legend, tailor to U.S. presidents and stars, and bon vivant about town. Mr. Greenfield is a feature documentary telling the story of how one man became the other, against all odds, and how he now grapples with his own legacy.

Writer & Director: Rick Minnich
Co-Writer / Researcher: Peter-Hugo Scholz
Cinematographers: Tom Bergmann, Anne Misselwitz
Drone Operators Tom Bergmann, Rick Minnich
Sound: Nikola Chapelle
Editor: Mike Brandin
Producers: Mike Brandin (InOneMedia), Rick Minnich
Production Manager: Carolin Redenz (InOneMedia)
Commissioning Editor (MDR): Matthias Morgenthaler
Fiscal Sponsor: From the Heart Productions