Documentary, 4K, stereo, color, 53 min.

Mr. Greenfield - The Presidents' Tailor (2021)

Maximilian Grünfeld spoke Yiddish, lived in Czechoslovakia, lost his family to Nazi concentration camps, and had no business experience. Martin Greenfield lives in Brooklyn, speaks English, hand-tailors suits for U.S. presidents, and runs a bespoke clothing empire with high society clients and friends.

This is one and the same man, who is now a 91-year-old fashion legend, tailor to U.S. presidents and stars, and bon vivant about town. Mr. Greenfield – The Presidents’ Tailor is an hour-long documentary telling the story of how one man became the other, against all odds, and how he now grapples with his own legacy.

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Writer & DirectorRick Minnich
Co-Writer / ResearcherPeter-Hugo Scholz (1954-2019)
CinematographersTom Bergmann (USA), Anne Misselwitz (Europe)
Additional CinematographyIan Moubayed, Rick Minnich
Drone OperatorsTom Bergmann, Rick Minnich
Sound RecordistsNikola Chapelle, Sebastian Löffler
Additional SoundRick Minnich, Mustafa Mirza
Sound Design/MixAndré Klar
Assistant Sound DesignManuel Schmieder
Original ScoreMichael Mühlhaus
Music MasteringStefan Flad/Red Kitchen
EditorsMike Brandin, David Schöley
Color GradingDavid Schöley, Martin Schröder
InterpreterSteve Naumann
ProducersMike Brandin, Rick Minnich
Associate ProducerDavid Sterling
Production ManagerCarolin Redenz
Commissioning Editor (MDR)Matthias Morgenthaler
ProductionInOneMedia, Our Man in Berlin
Fiscal SponsorFrom the Heart Productions
CrowdfundingSeed & Spark
World SalesNew Docs