Documentary, 4K, stereo, color, 99'

The Strait Guys (2022)

A 76-year old engineer is on a mission: to connect the United States and Russia with a 100-kilometer long train tunnel beneath the Bering Strait.

THE STRAIT GUYS follows Czech-born mining engineer, George, and his fast-talking protégé, Scott, along the proposed route of the InterContinental Railway through Alaska, to the Bering Strait and onward to Russia. The “Strait Guys” endeavor to convince international governments, corporations, and indigenous tribes to green-light their $100 billion railway project—with the promise to become the Panama Canal of the 21st century.

As they struggle to keep their “peace, progress, and prosperity” project alive in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the Strait Guys leave us wondering: What is really preventing the US and Russia from being connected?

World Premiere: É tudo Verdade (It’s All True), Brazil, April 2022

N. American Premiere: North x North Festival & Summit, USA, April 2022

Oceania Premiere: Doc Edge, New Zealand, June 2022

Theatrical Release Germany, June 2, 2022

European Premiere: Berlin, June 2nd, 19:30, Babylon Berlin (with film team)

Additional screenings with the film team:

June 3rd, 19:00 Moviemento
June 8th, 20:30 Krokodil

June 5th, 13:00 Schauburg

June 5th, 19:00 Arsenal

Other cities.

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Writer & Director Rick Minnich
Co-Writer Matt Sweetwood
Cinematography Lutz Reitemeier (USA), Sergey Amirdzhanov (Russia)
Additional Cinematography Rick Minnich
Drone Operators Sergey Amirdzhanov (Russia), Rick Minnich (USA/Russia), Jonathan Skorupa (USA) 
Sound Sorin Apostel (Russia), Jonathan Skorupa (USA)
Editor Matt Sweetwood
Composer Lukas Sweetwood
Producers Hanfgarn + Ufer (Gunter Hanfgarn), CineImpuls Leipzig (Holm Taddiken), Torero Film (Rouven Rech, Teresa Renn)
Production Manager Bettina Morlock
Location Manager (Russia) Vlad Ketkovich (Ethnofund)
Commissioning Editors Thomas Beyer (MDR), Jenny Westergard (YLE), Rudy Buttignol (Knowledge Network)
Development Developed as part of the Documentary Campus Masterschool
Pitched at IDFA Forum, North Pitch – Below Zero, The Edinburgh Pitch, GZDOC, Doc Preview Germany (DOK Leipzig)
With the support of MDM, MFG, DFFF, BKM