Untitled Picture

A gallery opening as viewed by the painting. A colorful mix of spectators mingles in the room and around the painting, commenting on it. The “Untitled Picture” comes to the foreground as it experiences an unwanted “artistic addition” … Part of the competition “Planned Sequence – Subjective” from the Franco-German television station ARTE.

• VII. Film-Kunst-Fest Schwerin (Germany), May 7-11, 1997

• 5th International Art Film Festival, Trencianske Teplice (Slovakia), June 20-27, 1997

• Alpinale, Bludenz (Austria), August 15-20, 1997

• Open Air Film Fest, Weiterstadt (Germany), August 14-18, 1997

• Berlino-Taranto, deutsch-italianisches Filmfestival, Taranto (Italy), Oct. 10-12, 1997

• Filmzwerge, Münster (Germany), October 16-19, 1997

• Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (Switzerland), Nov. 14-16, 1997

• Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg (Germany), Jan. 29 – Feb. 2, 1998

  • 15.7.98 ARTE
  • 3.7.98 ARTE
Idea, Screenplay, Project Initiator:Eckhard Wolff
Director:Rick Minnich
Director of Photography:Frank Sthamer
Sound Recordist/Mixer:Christian Eulitz
Music:Robert Henke
Set Designers:Olivier Meidinger, Daniel Pötter
Production Managers:Claudia Jungholt, Alexander Schmidt
Commissioning Editors:Barbara Häbe/ARTE