January 2024

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, I was a guest of the Keller Revue at the Brecht Haus in Berlin, where I presented excerpts from The Strait Guys and told anecdotes about my adventures shooting the film in Alaska and Russia. It was a great honor to present my work to a capacity crowd in the former home of the legendary German playwright Bertolt Brecht. The event was streamed live and can be watched here. A big thanks goes out to my colleagues who shared the stage with me, Isabel Fargo Cole and Ann Gaspe, the event organizer and moderator Martin Jankowski and

In 1994, Rick and his film crew spent three days in the blistering heat digging up the head of the 19 meter tall Lenin statue, which stood in East Berlin from 1970-1991. Following the collapse of the GDR (East Germany), the Berlin city government had the statue torn down and buried in the forest. But Rick and his friends knew where to find it. The story is told in the short film The Book of Lenins. In 2015, the Zitadelle Museum in Berlin had the head officially excavated and brought to the museum as one of the highlights of its exhibition

The latest Our Man in Berlin newsletter is out now. Read about Rick's recent adventures with Lenin's head, his upcoming "performance" at the Brecht Haus in Berlin, the German TV broadcast of The Strait Guys, and a chance to travel to the top of the world Spitsbergen/Svalbard (Norway) with Rick this summer.