Rick Minnich

Rick and Lenin featured on 3Sat TV

In 1994, Rick and his film crew spent three days in the blistering heat digging up the head of the 19 meter tall Lenin statue, which stood in East Berlin from 1970-1991. Following the collapse of the GDR (East Germany), the Berlin city government had the statue torn down and buried in the forest. But Rick and his friends knew where to find it. The story is told in the short film The Book of Lenins.

In 2015, the Zitadelle Museum in Berlin had the head officially excavated and brought to the museum as one of the highlights of its exhibition Unveiled. The excavation made headlines around the world, and put Rick in the spotlight for several years.

Now, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the death of the father of the October Revolution and founder of the USSR, the German/Austrian/Swiss public TV station 3Sat is doing a short report about the Berlin Lenin statue and Lenin’s significance today. Rick plays a major role in the piece. Watch it here (in German) through January 19, 2025