Rick was the guest on this week's Beazy podcast Getting Your Films Done and Seen – With Documentary Filmmaker Rick Minnich, hosted by Raphael Freitas. Hear Rick talk about how he got started as an independent filmmaker and how he has managed to stay in the business for the past three decades. This is episode 3 in the new podcast series hosted by the creative network Beazy. Rick has been a member of Beazy from its beginnings three years ago, and also rents out his gear through the platform.

Rick was the mystery guest on Leon Logothetis' weekly podcast "Spontaneous Moments of Conversation". View the video or listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. In this unscripted conversation, the "Kindness Guy" Leon meets Rick for the first time, and asks him about his life as an American independent filmmaker living in Berlin. Much of the conversation focuses on Rick's most recent film The Strait Guys, which is being released theatrically throughout Germany on June 2nd.

Rick sat down for an interview with Ross Ashcroft from Renegade, Inc. in London to discuss his new film The Strait Guys and the InterContinental Railway. Scott Spencer, Chief Project Advisor of the ICR, joined them via Zoom from his home in West Virginia. View the entire thirty-minute discussion, download the transcription, and read the extensive commentary here.